Dining with a side of Scenery

So what is the cost for the Cincinnati Dinner Train?


Ticket prices are $120.00 for the Public Dinner Train, per person age 12 and above.  Children under the age of 12 not permitted.  This includes the 3 hour train ride and 4 course dinner.  (including Ohio sales tax = ticket price is $129.36)

Our servers and conductors look forward to serving you as we all step back into the simpler and less complex times of the late 1940’s. There’s nothing like dining on white table clothed tables while watching the scenery slowly go by, as your dining car gently meanders down the track.

Prices do not include gratuity, or purchases from the bar car.

If traditional railroad dining with a fellow traveling couple is not your bag, upgrade to a private table by purchasing all four seats at the table.

All of our tables seat 4 as in the tradition of railroad dining. Parties of 5 are seated 3 at one table and 2 at the table directly across the isle. Parties of 6 are seated 4 at one table and 2 directly across the aisle. In both the above cases there is a chance a party of 2 will be seated with the remaining party of 2. In the case of 7 we sit 4 at one table and 3 directly across from them.  If you are not purchasing all tickets at a table, those remaining seats may be purchased by someone else.

Remember, reservations are required, so go to our Reservations Page  to reserve your spot on the train today!  To guarantee seating, payment must be made in advance. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

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Be aware that with the closure of the Norwood Lateral this Spring, you may need to plan an alternate route to get to the Dinner Train before departure at 6PM. We cannot hold the train for late arrivals due to rail line timetables. Thanks!