Dining with a side of Scenery

FOR THAT ULTRA RAIL FAN – Here is your chance to ride in an actual working locomotive. We have one seat available inside the cab of our Cincinnati Dinner Train 1962 GP-30 locomotive for that rail fan looking for the ultimate train experience. Enjoy your meal at your table in one of our four dining cars, finishing your dinner as we arrive at Theodore Berry Park downtown Cincinnati. Then before we depart for the trip back to our starting point, you will be provided with a safety vest & safety glasses and escorted to the cab by one of our conductors. There you will have a front row seat next to the engineer for the twelve mile, hour & half long, cab forward, pull back to our loading area. The engineer will explain the workings of the locomotive and all of the safety measures he is required to know and practice. His conductor will occupy the third seat behind you and will also be available for questions and commentary. The rider is required to be at least 18 years old and must wear long pants and closed toe shoes.

Ticket price – $150.00.  Cab ticket must be purchased in addition to a dining ticket.  It can not be purchased by itself.  Due to the fact dining tickets are currently sold, anyone wishing to purchase the Cab Ride Ticket can so without purchasing the required additional dining ticket.  If the Cab Ride ticket is available for the Saturday you wish to participate, you will be provided with a seat in our Albee car which would NOT include a dinner.  You would simply ride in the Albee the first half of the excursion and during the second half of the excursion, be riding in the Locomotive.  Cab rides are limited to one per Saturday evening.  Advance booking suggested, based on availability.

Price includes a souvenir baseball hat with the dinner train logo on the front.  Reservations are required and can be purchased by clicking on our RESERVATIONS tab of our home page or calling us at 513.791.7245.

A Rules & Liability Waiver document must be filled out and signed by Cab Rider. Completed form must be returned no later than 3 business days prior to departure to reservations desk at cdt@cincinnatidinnertrain.com. Failure to return signed document could result in forfeiture of Cab Ride.  Click here for document.