Dining with a side of Scenery

The Cincinnati Railway Company is proud to introduce the Cincinnati Dinner Train.

It once again magically becomes 1949 on board the Cincinnati Dinner Train as it operates every Saturday throughout the year*.

Some of its features include dining for up to 180 people on four vintage dining cars. Also featured is the Albee with a performance stage where the Queen City Sisters will entertain guests after dinner with their singing.

Groups up to 180 can charter the dinner train for their own dining rail adventure. We only run Saturday evenings and tickets are sold to the general public on a first come basis.  Tickets are $120.00 plus Ohio sales tax fee = $129.36 per person, ages 12 and older.  Children under the age of 12 not permitted.

We depart from the rear parking lot of Green Sales Company located at 2172 East Seymour Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45237.  Look for the directional signs on the telephone poles and the red and white sandwich boards on Seymour Avenue.  Dinner Train passengers can enjoy free and guarded parking in the open lot provided. The train will depart promptly at 6:00PM and travel easterly to downtown Cincinnati, and then to the riverfront. There, our train will change directions to head back to Oakley. The excursion lasts a total of three hours. and fifteen minutes.

On board, we will serve four courses with choices of Oven Roasted Prime Rib, Salmon with a mild hoisin glaze or Boneless Chicken Breast sautéed in white wine sauce. cincinnati-dinner-train-public-dining
Almost all tables seat up to four, with the exception of only eight, two top tables. Everyone will have their own window in either our 1947 New York Central dining car, 1946 Milwaukee Road table car, our 1952 Silver Sword bar/dining car, or our newest dining/bar car the Oasis Tavern. Large restrooms are on board.

Ticket prices are $120.00 per personage 12 and above ($129.36 including Ohio sales tax).  Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the dining cars.  

Our 1940s style servers, porters, engineers, brakemen and conductors look forward to serving you as we all step back into the simpler and less complex times of the late 1940s. There’s nothing like dining on white table clothed tables while watching the scenery slowly go by as your dining car gently meanders down the track.

To reserve your tickets, purchase them online at https://cincinnatidinnertrain.com/reservations/ using a credit card or gift certificate as payment. 

Your tickets will be held at Will Call on your arrival to the Cincinnati Dinner Train.

*exceptions are some holiday weekends and during our off season which is January and February.

Be aware that with the closure of the Norwood Lateral this Spring, you may need to plan an alternate route to get to the Dinner Train before departure at 6PM. We cannot hold the train for late arrivals due to rail line timetables. Thanks!